Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is it true that when I am vaccinated and I am from any country I do not need any further testing and I can participate either as a spectator or an athlete or an accompanying person?

A: No additional testing is needed unless vaccination was carried out with a vaccine authorized by the European Medicines Agency: Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), Spikevax (Moderna), Comirnaty (Pfizer / BioNTech) and Janssen. Only according to the country you are from must you have the appropriate documents to enter the Czech Republic.

Q: How do I arrange a PCR test in the Czech Republic?

A: For all those interested, we have prepared a test center, which will be in the official hotel on Friday 19.00-21.00 for the price of 40 € (full price is 80 € - we as organizers contribute to each amount 40 €). You will receive the test result on Saturday 18.9. at 4 o'clock in the morning on the contact information you entered. You can also use this PCR test to return home to your country. Write test orders to

Q: I am the coach of a dancing couple from a country that is red on the covid map. What rules do I have to follow to be admitted to the sports sector?

A: If you are vaccinated  European certificate is enough for you. If not you must prove yourself with a valid PCR test performed in the Czech Republic. We offer the possibility of testing on Friday from 19:00 to 21:00.

Q: I am an unvaccinated Junior 1 couple from Germany and in the last 14 days I have only been to Germany and we will come by car with my parents. What are the conditions in terms of covid measures?

A: Germany is included among the red countries. To cross the border, you only need a valid PCR test and a completed arrival form. As participants in a sports event (athletes including an accompanyed persons) you are exempt from isolation, but you need to take a second PCR test in the Czech Republic. I repeat once again that there is no isolation for the participants in the competition. We organize PCR tests in the official hotel on Friday 19.00-21.00 for the price of 40 € per person (the full price is 80 € and as organizers we contribute 40 € to each competitor). The result of the PCR test will be known within a few hours.

Q: I am a vaccinated dancer from Spain (red). What are the rules so I can compete? For the last 14 days, I have only been to Spain.

A: Before crossing the border, you have to fill in the arrival form, and that's it! No isolation, no more tests!

Q: I am an EU resident from Lithuania (a red country) and in the last 14 days I have only been in Lithuania. What do I need to participate in the competition?

A: You need:

  • fill the arrival form before crossing the border -
  • no citizen of the EU, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland needs any document to enter the territory of the Czech Republic 
  • Vaccinated and people who have contracted Covid19 (180 days) have no other conditions - no isolation
  • for unvaccinated and those who have not suffered from Covid19 disease, when participating in a sporting event (competitors, coaches, escorts, judges ...) there is no obligation to isolate but must pass a PCR test before arrival (not older than 7 days) and a second PCR test in the Czech Republic. This test will be provided in the official hotel at the expense of the participants

Q: I am a citizen of the Russian Federation unvaccinated, but in the last 14 days I stayed in Slovakia (green) and arrived by car from Slovakia. What are the conditions for entering the Czech Republic and the opportunity to compete?

A: If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation and you are already in Slovakia, you probably have a valid visa, so to enter the Czech Republic you need to fill in the arrival form and you must have a valid AG test (72 hours), which is also enough to enter the hall and you can compete.


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