No.08 - 02.03.2020 20:25:00cet 

Brno Open ready!

All that remains is fine-tuning the details. Everything is ready for great dancing. Final start lists, adjudicators panels and timetables are prepared. Czech television and media also. You can find everything on this website.
At the same time, the organizers closely monitor the development of the health situation in the city of Brno and the South Moravian Region and the meetings of the Security Council of the South Moravian Region and the Security Council of the Czech Republic. In the event of our range so far not accepted any measures in addition to general hygiene recommendations.
If the situation worsens, we will, of course, inform you in detail here.
We look forward to you and to the great experience of European and World champions’ dances.


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WDSF World Ranking List Tournaments:
WDSF World Open - ST/LA
WDSF Open Youth - ST/LA
WDSF Open Senior I, II - ST/LA
WDSF Open Senior III, IV- ST

DSE European Children Grand Prix:
Juveniles - ST/LA
Junior I, II - ST/LA

Team Match Brno Partners Cup

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