7.10.2014 22:00:00 CET - WE ARE STARTING !!!

Some troubles with WDSF calender. Who can organize WDSF World Open in Czech - Brno, Prague, Ostrava? Everything is clear now, Brno Open will be held on March 20. - 22. 2015.

The Schedule will be similar to the last year. WDSF World Open LA will be held on Saturday, WDSF International Open ST on Saturday. Both competitions will be combined with WDSF PD Open to introduce really top stars on Saturday and on Sunday also. You will see World Champions every day!

We would like to use new WDSF entry systém through WDSF website. We are testing it now and we will inform you minimally 3 days in advance. Why? The first entry will be free and get the special gift. Be ready!

We are looking forward to you!

Team DSP Kometa Brno

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