19.3.2014 09.56.11 CET: TV Broadcast on CT Sport

Brno Open 2014 on CT Sport:
  1. 22. March – Brno Open I 10:20 – 11:10
    repríza 25. 3. (07:10 – 08:00)
  2. 23. March – Brno Open II 09:10 – 10:00
    repríza 26. 3. (07:00 – 07:50)
  3. 28. March – Bitva tří císařů 14:30 – 14:45

You can watch broadcast on the internet:

16.3.2014 08.12.59 CET: RESULTS

All results here.

15.3.2014 01.16.15 CET: STARS COUPLES INFO!

Star couples you can checkin by the SMS to Petr Odstrcil  +420 604 231 299 till the end of normal check-in.

Second round will start aproximatly Saturday Standard 18.00 - Sunday Latin 16.45
Changes are possible!

13.3.2014 09.33.27 CET: Parking fees by the competition venue!

IMPORTANT! - If you want to use parking by the hall - this year is charged!!! Friday 20 Kc and Saturday - Sunday 50 Kc COIN for UNLIMITED parking!!! HAVE READY 20 Kc or 50Kc COIN. You can change at entrance to hall!

13.3.2014 01:05:55 CET: Changes in time table - Possible dance bouth Rising Stars comps

Check some new Check-in times!!! Good news - you can dance ST and LA Rising Stars competitions. First is latin and after standard!

12.3.2014 10:49:26 CET: 800! We were waiting long, but it is!

Kypetskyy Dmytro and Andryeyeva Darya, Ukraine, Jun II have free entry to Youth LA. Congratulation!

7.3.2014 23:01:45 CET: 30 seconds decided of entry No. 700

Tomas Rimkus and Nerija Surblyte, Lithuania, Sen I dancing Rising Stars and Adults will have free entry to WO LA. Congratulation!


Deadline for booking Special Shuttle Servis was FRIDAY 7th of March 12am!!! More booking we CANNOT ACCEPT!

5.3.2014 22:00:43 CET: Entry storm! The 6th hundred took only 2 days!

Jiri Plsek and Jana Plskova, Czech, Senior III ST were very watchful and riched No. 600. One entre fee less, congratulation!

4.3.2014 00:22:38 CET: Entry No. 500 the happy Slovenian Youth couple

Ziga Tantegel - Nusa Crnko Youth and RS ST, LA - one competition is free of charge for them. Congratulation!

3.3.2014 00:00:01 CET: DEADLINES

The organizer will accept all entries till the end of check-in. The valid registration of the COUPLE and status ACTIVE are necessary. To be registered only as a person is not enough !!!

DEADLINEs are for the TOP50 couples asking for exemption. Late entry means couple has to dance from the first round.

6.3.2014 23:59 CET Senior II ST
7.3.2014 23:59 CET Youth LA, Adults ST, PD LA, Senior I ST
8.3.2014 23:59 CET Youth ST, Adults LA, PD ST, Senior I LA, Senior III ST

Do you want to be presented in the booklet? DEADLINE for your entry is:

9.3.2014 23:59 CET everybody


28.2.2014 22:59:09 CET: The fourth hundred of entries in three days!

Free entry for Vojtech Marek and Lenka Regalova, Czech, Adults, for their second competition from World Open ST, LA. Congratulation!

25.2.2014 16:18:15 CET: Changes in training camps!

Please check Training camps folder for new details. New adress of venue!

24.2.2014 12:10:15 CET: Great! After 9 days the third hundred of entries!

Sergei Vorobiev and Vera Tatarkina, Russia, Rising Stars ST is the happy couple. no entry fee. Congratulation!

15.2.2014 16:20:54. The Second Hundred is broken!

Daniel Bras and Anna Sloukova, Czech, Junior II ST and LA are the winner of the free entry. Congratulation!

17.1.2014 9:35:48 a.m. The First Hundred is broken!

Mykola Rubis and Taisiya Shulga, Ukraine, Junior I ST and LA sent the hundredth entry. Congratulation, you will not pay the entry fee!

100 days to Brno Open 2014 - portal is open!

You can find all needed information, make entry, plan your journay anad  book room.

We are looking forward to you!

Team DSP Kometa Brno

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