No.06 - 20.03.2017 15:23:33cet FAST 300. ENTRY

The fastest 300. entry came from Dominik Fus -Terezia Valeria Ziffore, AUT. They will have WDSF WO ST free of charge. Congratulation!

No.05 - 18.03.2017 08:00:00cet THE FIRST WDSF ADJUDICATORS COURSE JS3.0 IN BRNO

After succesful testing in Tokyo at WDSF World Open on March 12th, WDSF presidium decided to immediately deploy the system JS3.0. The first adjudicators course will be really held in Brno, on Monday and Tuesday after Brno Open Dance Festival 2017.

Follow WDSF websiteand our pages.

No.04 - 15.03.2017 07:50:55cet THE ENTRY NO. 200 IS VALIDATES

Organizer validates several suspicious applications which were submitted at the end of second hundreds of entries. After their verification will be subsequently traced application No. 200.

No.03 - 28.02.2017 13:55:53cet THE FIRST ONE HUNDRED ENTRIES EXCEEDED

The application No. 100 was sent to WDSF World Open ST by Ondrej Pinos - Tereza Stepakova, CZE  and they have free entry. Cogratulations!

No.02 - 10.02.2017 00:00:00cet ENTRY GATE IS OPEN

You have 50 days to enter Brno Open Dance Festival 2017!

You can take part in:

DSE European Children Grand Prix - Juveniles I, Juveniles II, Junior I, Junior II - ST, LA
DSE as a European body within WDSF has opened Ranking List for categories which are not opened in WDSF. Three of your best results in last 12 month will make the ranking. Last year event the best couples in every category and discipline will be awarded as winners of DSE European Children Grand Prix.

WDSF Ranking List Tournaments
Following comps are prepared for you:
WDSF Youth Open - ST, LA
WDSF International Open LA
WDSF World Open ST

Very popular Open Rising Stars ST, LAgive the chance to win not only to TOP couples!

Brno is "university city", therefore students have their own International Academic Championships - ST,LA¨

No.01 - 01.11.2016 00:00:00cet BRNO OPEN DANCE FESTIVAL 2017 will start in 5 months

We will see again in the Masaryk University complex in Brno in 5 months.

Be ready for new information in a few days! 




WDSF World Ranking List Tournaments:
World Open - ST, International Open - LA,
Open Youth - ST/LA
DSE European Children Grand Prix:
Juveniles I, Juveniles II, Junior I, Junior II - ST/LA
Open Rising Stars - ST/LA
CAUS International Academic Championships - ST/LA
Team Match Brno Partners Cup

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